Author Agreement Template Elsevier

Author Agreement Template Elsevier

The OSU Libraries` Publishing Program has grown as an extension of the Knowledge Bank, our deposit program, and these two continue to share a lot of things. Some of these hubs, such as a common platform (DSpace, used to publish some of our magazines) and common employees, are an advantage for both programs. In other cases, we have taken something from the repository site that may not be best suited for publication. I recently found one when I realized that the knowledge bank licensing agreement, which we had used as an author`s agreement for our magazines, did not contain some important provisions for magazine publishing. For example, there is nothing in our KB license that would give the magazine the right to enter the article into an object database for the indication and recognition of the full text. When one of our editors was contacted by an index service and asked to index the full text of their review, I had to shyly tell them that even if the risk was very low, they would most likely infringe the copyrights of their authors. We also didn`t know who the licensee was to be – did the author grant rights to OSU libraries? The Journal? When the license was adapted for different publications, the licensee changed until we had a confused and embarrassing diversity. As I am sure we are not the only ones fighting in this area, I wanted to share the agreement here. Please feel free to accept, adapt or draw from it. The author is aware that the publisher may grant the same rights to Journal. In addition, the author grants both Journal and Publisher the right to enter into agreements with third parties that grant these third-party companies one or all of the rights granted by the Publisher author. The above rights may include the rights necessary to index and consolidate the bid. (Compulsory legal non-responsibility clause: this proposal does not constitute legal advice and does not constitute a provision, declaration, claim or guarantee of vested rights for a particular scenario.) The author agrees that each subsequent publication of the filing indicates that the Journal is the website of the first publication and that it provides a link to the Journal`s website.

This agreement will enter into force on the date of the acceptance of the shipment entitled By filing this agreement, the author signed by Ohio State University, on behalf of the University Libraries` Knowledge Bank (`the editor`), grants the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate, display and/or distribute the repository (including summary) as part of the University of Libraries` [Journal] (Journal), in print and electronic form and in any media. You also agree that the publisher can create and keep more than one copy for conservation, security and security purposes. You state that as a single author and/or on behalf of your co-authors, you are entitled to grant the rights contained in this Agreement. You also explain that in your soul and conscience, your submission does not infringe anyone`s copyright. If the repository contains material for which you do not own copyright, you declare that you have obtained full permission from the copyright holder to grant the publisher`s rights to that agreement and that third-party material is clearly identified and recognized in the text or content of the filing. Otherwise, you explain that your use of third-party equipment is permitted because the material is in the public domain or because you have conducted a fair use analysis and you reasonably believe that your use is authorized.


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