Contoh Soal Agreement After Prepositional Phrases

Contoh Soal Agreement After Prepositional Phrases

If you have subject -prepositional sentence then, if you want to determine the right verb, you just have to look for the word before its preposition expression. In the sentence above, the theme is “language learning.” Often, English learners are deceived by the word in front of the verb, which is like the word languages above the plural. What determines the verb is the subject before the preposition. Come on> three. Some of the electricity consumed in the United States today comes from hydroelectric sources. Reason: The theme in this sentence is “electricity,” so the verb “comes” is to adapt to the subject verb chord. Ignore “share” because verbs are necessary to follow the name after and the preposition “of” SKILL 11: AGREEMENT AFTER PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES In general English phrases, the subject and verb require. If, in this skill, you come across a sentence with a prepositionalphrase subject, indicate the verb by looking at the word before the prepositional sentence. For example, language studies are very interesting. The study of languages is very interesting. In the sentence above, the main theme is “Study.” We are often deceived by the verb in front of the verb, which is like the word “languages”, so we think that the theme is plural and that we use verbs for plural materials. In fact, to determine the verb is subject/substantial before preposition. In the example of the first sentence, Thinklia is a unique theme, so Thinklia allies with the verb.

The second sentence is wrong because Thinklia and Annisa are 2 people, which, according to the previous agreement, the pair of verbs is knowledge> white 1. No one knows when the process of making glass was invented. Reason: No one is a singular subject, so we must also use terms/agreements with singular verbs [verb 1/es]. Here are the rules of verb subject agreement for more complicated topics. You`re ready? Tie your seat belts hehe OK, class. How`s the equipment? Well, that`s the full explanation of the verb chord topic.


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