Erasmus Learning Agreement Uni Mannheim

Erasmus Learning Agreement Uni Mannheim

Tel: `49 800 2014 020 Fax: `49 228 882-555 E-mail: erasmus (at)) Website: Please send this information to Ms Cathrin Rieger, at Dean BWL, accessible at learning_agreements (at) Contact Sebastian Herdtweck, to clarify which economics races at your host institution will be recognized by the Department of Economics. Please email Mr Herdtweck a list of the races you are interested in and links to the content of each race (e.g.pages from the course catalog, recommended literature, etc.). Approved courses can be included in your Learning Agreement, which then has to be signed by you and your exchange coordinators at the University of Mannheim and at your host institution. If you want to wait for races from other deparments you need to make a learning agreement with the respective department at the University of Mannheim and submit a copy to your departmental exchange coordinator. If you have any questions about the IS and OPM BI 401 modules, please refer your request to Mr Samuel Broscheit to the pruefung (at) committee. For recognition of master`s courses, please contact Mr Sebastian Herdtweck in econgrad (at) The interlocutor for the recognition of bachelor`s courses in the field of VWL is Mrs. Christiane Cischinsky, accessible at christiane.cischinsky (at) The Erasmus (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) programme is a student exchange programme established by the EU in 1987. It forms a major part of the EU `Lifelong Learning Program`. ERASMUS student mobility is based on “inter-institutional agreements” between home and host institutions. The master`s program in Economics currently has such agreements in place with the following economic departments in Europe: If you participate in an Erasmus exchange and want to change courses, you are required to update your learning agreement using the form entitled “Changes to the learning agreement”, which you can find in the Mobility-Online portal. Please submit a copy of the signed form to Mr.

Herdtweck during the first seven weeks of your period of study abroad. The language test must be carried out by all beneficiaries both before the start and after the end of the stay. However, this is not a selection criterion for the Erasmus programme and does not apply to native speakers. The language test before and after the stay is intended to document the current language level and possible progress during the stay abroad. This systematic European-wide review of the evolution of individual language skills makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus. In early March, the foreign office will begin appointments to partner universities. This phase continues until the end of spring. Do not contact the host university until you have received confirmation of your appointment. If you don`t (initially), we`ll let you know by email.

You can then apply for places that may still be available on a return lap. The ECHE is awarded by the European Commission. It shows that a university fulfils all the necessary requirements to be able to participate in the Erasmus programme successfully. Note on promoting exchange programmes with the UK: In order to support you when preparing for your semester abroad, the International Office has created the Mobility-Online portal.


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