Grant Disbursement Agreement

Grant Disbursement Agreement

Note: The drop-down list of bank information is no longer mandatory for funds managed by UNDP when entering payment information. In the Payment tab, the informational message highlighted in red clearly shows the fields required to continue paying. The user can only create payment requirements when these 3 fields are updated to update the payment plan for payment, click the Add a Payment Plan button. Payment means the transfer of the total/partial amount of the UN bank account to the bank account of the exporting partner for a given project. The number and amount of payments are clearly defined in the grant agreement between ochA and the implementation partner based on the partner`s level of risk. After checking the details, click the Pour slice button. When you click the “Slice Payments” button, the user is asked to enter “Project Comments” in “Send accounts.” Click the Yes button to start paying. FCS Finance may display the mandatory settlement requirement in the “Task” inbox after registering with GMS. When selecting the project, GMS is asked to determine whether the user is taking on the assignment of this task. The payment data entry is assigned to the user for about 2 hours if the task is not completed in the time it is automatically released. It can also be released manually by clicking on the output allocation button. In the case of a payment per installment, the amount of the payment can be divided into multiple payment requests. After the agreement is signed by all parties, the first tranche of funding is paid to the partner within ten working days.

The implementation partner receives a first tranche at the beginning of the project and is entitled to request the following disbursement (s) by submitting a financial statement, once the implementation partner has spent 70% of the funds previously received. Click the Save button to update the liquidation details. To change the existing liquidation details, click on the Edit link. To remove an existing liquidation folder, click the Delete link. When you click the “Send Accounts” button, the user is asked to enter “Project Comments” into “Creating an Obligation.” Click the Yes button to send payment details to FCS Finance. Note: For the payment of the first tranche, there is no obligation to report financially, but for subsequent payments in increments, the implementing partner must submit a financial report. After updating Voucher`s details, click the Save button. To change an existing proof, click on the Edit link. To remove an existing proof, click the Delete link. LiquidationLiquidation provides details of the amount of money already liquidated on the amount previously paid. You can enter an offline liquidation by clicking on the Add to Liquidation button. Field Descriptions: Note: The system automatically creates at least one slice if the schedules are activated after the budget is removed in the project review process.

Field Description: To generate a memo, click on the memo link in the room details.


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