Software License Agreement Australia

Software License Agreement Australia

A licensing clause can also handle software maintenance or support. This type of support is not automatically included. In general, the user will purchase software maintenance or support separately from the license. It will focus on its own conditions on topics such as the level of service. 9.4 At the end or expiry of the agreement, the recipient, at the request of the disclosed party, must immediately (i) make the information confidential to the revealing party, including copies or excerpts, or (ii) destroy the confidential information (to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation or regulation) and, at the request of the disclosed party , confirm in writing that this confidential information has been returned or destroyed and that no copies have been returned or destroyed. , with the exception of copies expressly provided for by this agreement or other agreements between the parties, have been manufactured or retained. By using this software license agreement, you can set limits on what the licensee can legally do with the software given to him in the world. This includes reverse engineering, modification, sublicensing and user limitations. This software license agreement also gives you the ability to keep all source codes and hardware in Escrow (however, a separate agreement is required for the possession of items in Escrow). 6.4 If you are a professional services company, you and your employees can use the software to provide services to your customers, unless your customers are allowed to use the software themselves without entering into a separate licensing agreement with TR. An end-user license agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between the company or software developer (known as the licensee) and the user who uses the software (known as the licensee). The user may be a buyer or a company that buys software on behalf of its employees. (b) user license of a single name.

The software is authorized to a single designated user (“Single Name User”) who can only be used by that person on a single physical or virtual computer (the “computer”). The user license of a single name can be installed on a PC or workstation, provided that the use of the software is limited to the username.


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