Tssa Administrative Agreement

Tssa Administrative Agreement

TSSA is committed to adding value to stakeholders and the public in terms of services. The signing of strategic agreements is part of this commitment. That is why we are committed to ensuring fair and equitable procurement practices when goods and/or services are needed. Ontarios Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act has established delegated management authorities for regulated sectors. These management authorities are responsible for providing programs and services to these industries and their consumers, services previously regulated by the MGCS. The cooperation and participation of all staff in our health and safety program is essential to achieving these goals. We challenge ourselves to continually improve our systems, environment and work practices. Everyone at the TSSA has a responsibility to work safely, use appropriate safety equipment at all times and report any incidents that occur in the workplace, any near misses or any unhealthy or uncertain situations. The MGCS is responsible for all legislative changes to the MVDA, the establishment of market standards and the control of consumer protection policy. The provision of delegated services and programmes is the responsibility of OMVIC. MGCS monitors OMVIC`s performance to ensure that market standards are maintained through accountability mechanisms such as business plans, annual reports and third-party audits. Our new trade policy includes the following principles: TSSA does not actively pursue non-regulatory services. TSSA will maintain existing contracts at the customer`s request and will only enter into new agreements at the request of customers, if this is considered a security requirement.

Click here to see omvic performance features. At TSSA, we have an obligation to collect and maintain current customer data for business purposes and to promote public safety. As an organization, we are committed to respecting the accuracy, confidentiality and security of our customers` information. TSSA will take all possible steps to reconcile our customers` right to data protection with the need for the Organization to collect, use or disclose information for legitimate business purposes. All TSSA staff follow the values set out in this directive when we engage in new business activities that promote and enhance public safety and are consistent with our vision and mission. The administrative agreement between MGCS and OMVIC defines the business of the MVDA that the Ontario government has delegated to OMVIC. The TSSA Public Procurement Directive outlines TSSA`s requirements for the purchase of goods and services that comply with Ontario`s Public Utilities Procurement Directive, adopted by the firm`s Board of Directors in December 2014. The TSSA policy ensures that TSSA purchases are made consistently, respecting four key principles: the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) promotes a culture of openness and transparency, fostering a culture of trust in our stakeholders and the public. It is our vision to be a valued authority for a safer Ontario. That is why TSSA has made several guidelines for commercial operations available, which are below. TSSA is responsible for travel, catering and hotel expenses submitted by staff.

All staff expenses must support TSSA`s business objectives. Within the TSSA, we are committed to accountability, transparency and accountability with care, fairness and integrity. The health and safety of our employees and our workplace is a priority, and that is why we stand up for the goal of reducing workplace injuries and illnesses.


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