Business Internet Banking Agreement

Business Internet Banking Agreement

If you are a business customer and have reason to believe that your password or other security code has been lost or stolen, or that an unauthorized person has used online banking without your permission or tried to use it, you must notify us within 24 hours. As a business customer, you are fully responsible for all online transactions (including, but not exclusively, all advances under your account`s overdraft protection function, if any). You agree to immediately refund any losses, claims or damages we accept as a result of authorized or unauthorized use of the online bank. We are not responsible for any losses, claims or damages you suffer as a result of using the online bank. This also applies if the use of the online bank is not allowed and you have informed us of unauthorized use within 24 hours. However, once we have been informed of an unauthorized loss, theft or use of a password and have had the opportunity to respond to that message, you are not responsible for any other transactions initiated with that password, unless we can prove that you were able to avoid unauthorized access. If you send an e-mail message to Beacon Business Bank, Beacon Business Bank is not considered to be received until the message is actually received. Once the message is actually received, it is considered received the next business day. Beacon Business Bank has a reasonable amount of time to respond to your email.

You agree to initiate or schedule all transfers or payment services only if a sufficient balance is or is available on the account for this transfer or payment. The conclusion of a transfer or payment order depends on the availability of sufficient credits on the account at the time of booking. We may cancel or delay any transaction if the financing account does not have sufficient resources at the time of booking. We can also close the transaction and debit the account. In both cases, a fee may be charged to the account for insufficient funds, as indicated in the pricing plan and in your deposit contract. We are not obligated to subject you in any way to the non-execution of the transfer or payment order, and it is your responsibility to make other arrangements to facilitate the settlement of the transaction or payment by other means, including re-servising or re-commissioning the transaction in the online bank. Transactions initiated through online banking may be limited in numbers or dollars. Radius Bank reserves the right to limit the amount or number of any transactions for each customer at any time. We may limit the amount and number of transactions for a particular group of clients or entities, not for others, as we believe.

More information on transfer restrictions can be found in “Important Deposit Account Contract Information” (for non-commercial customers) and in the “Business Account Contract” (for business customers). Any transaction restriction disclosed in these documents, in other areas or as part of the commission account schedule or conditions may apply to all transactions initiated in the online bank. We can choose at any time to change, modify or abolish the boundaries of both types. We will do our best to avoid such changes in advance, but we are not obliged to do so unless it is subject to applicable law. Radius Bank may authorize the appointment of an online bank administrator by a duly authorized account representative from a commercial or non-retail account. This administrator may or may not be a signatory to an authority on the account itself. All rights and rights related to the use of the online bank may be granted to the administrator or may be limited at the discretion of the account holder and Radius Bank.


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