Gorilla Agreement Cms

Gorilla Agreement Cms

The gorilla conservation agreement (gorilla agreement) aims to ensure and maintain a favourable state of conservation for gorillas throughout their range. In the preamble, the parties refer to the list of all gorilla taxis listed in Schedule I of the CMS because of their unfavourable state of conservation. They stress the vital importance of great apes for the natural and cultural heritage of humanity and stress that a multilateral environmental agreement could enable gorillas to benefit greatly from international cooperation. In order to achieve effective implementation of this agreement, the parties recognize the need to assist some states in the series of states in research, training and monitoring of gorillas and their habitats, and the management of these habitats. The first meeting of the technical committee of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Convention on the Conservation of Migratory and Wild Species (CMS) on the conservation of gorillas and their habitats (gorilla agreement) will include the activities of gorilla states in the implementation of action plans; Conservation of cross-border gorilla populations; A monitoring and reporting system Funding Preparation for the second meeting of the contracting parties to the gorilla agreement (MOP 2). Uganda would have the right to make formal interventions at UNEP`s gorilla agreement meetings, to define the budget and work plans, as well as to revise action plans and cooperate with partner organizations and other treaties. Currently, Uganda is an observer of these meetings, but Uganda`s neighbours, which have fewer gorillas, have always taken advantage of these meetings to project themselves as the homeland of gorillas. This has had an impact on Uganda`s commercialization as a mountain gorilla destination. As a country, the ratification of the new agreement now brings us to a point of view. In order to take coordinated measures to protect gorillas throughout their territory, the Gorilla Ranges have prepared the gorilla conservation convention and their habitats under the CMS.


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