London Agreement Epo Validation

London Agreement Epo Validation

The validation period varies from country to country, but as a general rule, there is a three-month period from the date of European financial aid to meet the country`s national validation requirements. In some cases, it is possible to extend this period, sometimes under certain conditions. This is usually related to an additional tax. Most countries require that the validation registrant have obtained an appropriate mandate from the applicant for the formalities required for the particular patent in the given country. Some countries allow general powers, which allows the lawyer to act on behalf of an applicant with respect to all their patents. In some cases, the signed attorney document must be attached to the validation request and, in other cases, this is not necessary or may be filed later or simply retained for further submission. Explore your validation options. U.S. companies and their clients often pay too much for validation, as their instructions typically go through multiple levels of lawyers. inovia offers an inexpensive way to validate a European patent issued in up to 38 countries, with a single instruction. Our online portal offers a free one-click offer tool that allows you to create immediate validation estimates for your specific European patent. The agreement did not change other language provisions applicable prior to the issuance of a European patent, such as the requirement to translate claims for a European patent application “in the two official languages of the European Patent Office, with a different language of procedure,” after receiving notification of Rule 71 (3) CBE indicating that the EPO intends to issue a European patent.

European patent applications filed with the European Patent Office (EPO) can be filed in English, German or French. The patents granted are published in the language of the application; However, it is necessary to translate the claims into all three languages; Articles 14 (5) and 14 (6 of the CBE). Currently, in accordance with Article 65 (1 CBE), almost all of the 32 CBE states require that the European patents granted be translated into the national language of the designated state.


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