Service Level Agreement Emsd

Service Level Agreement Emsd

Notes: Performance in terms of troubleshooting time is less satisfactory. Immediate action was taken to rectify the situation. Since February 1997, the hours of service of the general electronic maintenance workshop have been extended to weekends and public holidays. Performance is expected to improve in 97/98. The results of EMSTF`s customer service initiatives are measured by our ability to respond to error calls and correct them and provide services to our customers` satisfaction. Performance targets have been agreed with each of our customers and defined in the service level agreements. They were generally achieved in all six industries. Knowledge is power, which is why we offer personalized training modules for your service technicians. In 1996/97, approximately 68% of the commercial fund`s services were included in this agreement. The advantage is to include maintenance standards and performance levels for each service package and customer service priorities in the agreement. This is the customer`s guarantee for the provision of a consistent quality of service. In order to ensure maximum security in your work environment, we guarantee the best quality in the development, production and service of our secure mobile devices. A new service that will be offered during the year is the maintenance of different traffic management and monitoring systems.

Installed on some highways and bridges, these systems use cameras to monitor traffic conditions and alert drivers via electronic signs and signs. In addition, the service has taken over the maintenance work of the new digital red camera system used by the police. Enjoy flexible service concepts with no hidden fees. Focus on what matters: your core business. We`re going to do the rest. Our service level agreements range from repair coverage to guaranteed solution times. To ensure the optimal reliability of your systems, we orient our services flexibly according to your specific needs. To make your setup easier, we have three pre-defined service levels. System and service requirements can be as individual as a fingerprint.


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