Aboriginal 10 Year Family Violence Agreement

Aboriginal 10 Year Family Violence Agreement

“All Victorians deserve to live free from violence – and the best response for Aboriginal communities is one led by Aboriginal communities.” • Djirra (counselling assistance to those experiencing domestic violence) during business hours below 1800 105 303 • Yarning SafeNStrong (24/7 crisis aid for people, who need to talk to someone about their well-being) at 1800 959 563 • Dardi Munwurro`s Brother to Brother (24/7 Aboriginal Men`s Referral Crisis Line) at 1800 435 799 Dhelk Dja: Safe Our Way – Strong Culture, Strong Peoples, Strong Families, is an Aboriginal agreement to combat domestic violence in Aboriginal communities. The Dhelk Dja Partnership Forum meets three times a year to monitor progress in concluding the Dhelk Dja Agreement and other important priorities. Throughout the year, community organizations and groups receive funding that gives them greater planning security in planning how they deliver family violence services tailored to the needs of their communities. . . .


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