Apa Yang Dimaksud Service Level Agreement

Apa Yang Dimaksud Service Level Agreement

To establish a harmonious relationship and maintain the consistency of the service, efforts are therefore necessary to understand each other between the two parties, that is to say through the creation of a service level agreement (SLA). This Service Level Agreement (SLA) only applies between Rumahweb Indonesia and its customers. Customers of resellers or other parties who indirectly use the services of Rumahweb Indonesia, but who are not directly registered as customers, are not entitled to this SLA. SLA stands for service level agreement or is a service level agreement in Indonesian. For content that is to be included in the Service Level Agreement, the following terms are as follows. Come on, look! If the customer needs a tax invoice, please do not pay the invoice received. A service level agreement or SLA is a contract between a service provider and its customers that documents the services that the provider will provide and defines the service standards that the provider must meet. Meanwhile, we know that the customer is king, so sometimes the service provider has to give up the arbitrary treatment of the customer…


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