Booking Com Accommodation Agreement

Booking Com Accommodation Agreement has identified the following parameters that are most closely correlated with you to find a suitable tour operator, and therefore prioritizes these parameters in the algorithms (main parameters): your personal search history, the rate of “clicking” from the search page to the hotel page (“CTR”), the number of bookings compared to the number of visits to the tour operator`s page on the platform (“Conversion”), Gross bookings (including cancellations) and net bookings (without cancellation) from a tour operator. Conversion and DT can be influenced by several (distinct) factors, including evaluation results (both aggregate scores and components), availability, policies, (competitive) pricing, content quality, and certain features of the tour operator. The percentage of commissions paid by the tour operator or other benefits that are beneficial to us (for example.B. through commercial agreements with the tour operator or strategic partners) may also affect the standard ranking as well as the recording of the tour operator`s on-time payment. The tour operator may also influence its ranking by participating in certain programs that may be updated from time to time, such as the Genius program, offers, preferred partner program and visibility booster (the last two being the tour operator who pays us a higher commission). I terminated my contract in January and so far, despite all my attempts to contact, I did not have a correct explanation. It is very frustrating to be accused of fraud, but not to be explained. I asked for it and they didn`t respond, and now they have cancelled confirmed bookings (non-refundable) and my payments are blocked. I worry because I don`t know what`s going on!?. I don`t think you`ll have a solution in this partner forum. Personally, I know why I was suspended years ago. Take into account that it`s a huge company and everything basically works with algorithms, automated messages and also suspensions. I don`t know how these alghoritisms work.

(Probably depending on the number of cancellations, many requests to cancel the room, not respecting confirmed reservations, encouraging guests to book directly with you, maybe some reports from guests who have stayed with you, etc. I really don`t know). I think the best way would be to respond to the “reopening request” and do what you are being asked to do. At the end of the message, add that you accept of course, but you do not know what you have done wrong. This is not a complete “confession.” :) “Travel Booking” means the order, purchase, payment, booking or booking of a trip. . . .


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