Disbursement Agreement Sample

Disbursement Agreement Sample

The payment agreement determines the nature, date and conditions of the payment of the grants and must be fully executed before each payment of the grant. The beneficiary and the department enter into a payment agreement in order to ensure the timely conclusion of the project in accordance with the standard agreement described above. Any delay under the Standard Agreement or Payment Agreement (together with this Statement, the “Grant Documents”) is also a delay under this Statement. It is stated that the City is denying a sever revenue loan and disbursement agreement (“Agreement”) with the Iowa Finance Authority, an agency and public body of the State of Iowa, as the “Lender”). This loan is part of a series of bonds (the “Bonds”) issued by the City to demonstrate its commitment under a given loan and payment agreement, which dates from the date of that agreement (the “Agreement”) entered into by the City to release funds to cover a portion of the costs associated with the construction of improvements and extensions to the City`s municipal sanitation system (the “Supply Company”) (the “Project”). . . .


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