Dutch American Friendship Agreement

Dutch American Friendship Agreement

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) is an agreement concluded between the United States and the Netherlands on March 27, 1956. The contract allows American entrepreneurs and liberal professions to acquire a Dutch residence for the purpose of “starting a business”. With this Dutch visa, US citizens can easily move to the Netherlands. You can create a stationary business that sells a product or service, or you can sell yourself as a service, as I currently do (freelancing). Hello Tiffany, Yes, I think talking to people and reading blogs step by step tips has been much more helpful in reading the law 😛 Happy to help and pass on knowledge! I do not really know what you mean by the independent long-term income requirement. Are you asking for the 4,500 euros in your bank account? You must pay this amount into your Dutch bank account as “principal” for your business. And you must maintain this amount or higher as long as you have permission to be independent. So basically, you deposit money and drop it, and you`ll never let it down. Is that what you`re asking? If I`m completely wrong on the matter, let me know! Lisa Marie, yes, you can apply from any part of the Netherlands! This is the “Dutch-American” friendship contract, after all, 🙂 good plan to live out of the city and find a cheaper place. I don`t really have the experience of pets in the Netherlands, I think it`s something that only has to be negotiated with the owner.

Good luck! Yes, you can fill it out online. All you have to do is fill out a version. for your business activity box, it should be in Dutch, but it can be super easy. If you need help, kvk employees are happy to help Next Do you want a copy of the Dutch-American friendship contract? Click here, it`s in Dutch, but you can refer to the form in English language, the questions are the same www.kvk.nl/inschrijven-en-wijzigen/inschrijven-onderneming-eenmanszaak/ Hello Marty, sorry for the slow answer – I kind of missed your comment. Daft allows you to start your own business. Buy and operate a business that falls under the jurisdiction! I have no experience bringing family members into the country with permission, but from some research, it seems that as long as one of you has a residence permit, it seems that you can bring yourself family. However, it would appear that children under the age of 18 are under the age of 18. The rules and application for the family are described here by the IND: ind.nl/EN/Documents/3085.pdf also found this site from a third party that confirms that you can bring a family. www.everaert.nl/en/desks/america/269-starting-a-business-in-the-netherlands-dutch-american-friendship-treaty-daft-amerika-desk I suggest you call the IND and explain your situation – they could tell you what the rules are! I have another question about qualifying for a freelancer visa under the DAFT agreement.

Would I have trouble qualifying for a DAFT visa if I worked for a company based in the United States while living in the Netherlands? I guess this company should have some sort of connection with the Netherlands or Dutch customers? I write this with the hope that my experience in obtaining the residence permit for self-employment under the Netherlands-U.S. Friendship Contract (DAFT) will also help other Americans who also wish to settle in the Netherlands. Other online blogs helped me a lot when I went through the process, although I found that there is a lack of updated information about the online process…


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