Facilities Heu Collective Agreement

Facilities Heu Collective Agreement

Visit the HEABC website to view collective agreements Regular workers are entitled to benefits paid by the employer if they meet the eligibility requirements. Unionized employees can check their collective agreement for additional information. Community Group Benefits-at-a-Glance Summary 2015 – Community-Casual Group Benefits-at-a-Glance 2014-201 9 – Facilities Group Benefits-at-a-Glance 2012-2019 – Health Science Professionals Group Benefits-at-a-Glance Summary 2010 – Nurses. You can find a brief overview of your benefits under your collective agreement in the following documents. Group services – Non-contractual – Management/Regular – Valid from 1 January 2015Group benefits – Not contractually – Temporary – Valid from 1 January 2015 Conditions of employment for unaccompanied employees – Valid from 1 January 2015Bullying instructions. . . .


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