G Suite Gdpr Agreement

G Suite Gdpr Agreement

We provide information about Google Group subcontractors who support Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform services, as well as third-party subcontractors involved in these services. Here and here you will find details about the GCP subcontractor. We also make commitments with regard to subcontractors in our data processing agreements. All Google employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and complete mandatory privacy and data protection training, as well as our code of conduct training. Google`s Code of Conduct specifically addresses expected information protection responsibilities and behaviors. When personal data is transferred outside the EU to third countries that are not covered by adequacy decisions, we undertake, as part of our data processing agreements, to maintain a mechanism facilitating such transfers in accordance with the GDPR. In 2017, we received confirmation from the European data protection authorities of compliance with our standard contractual clauses, confirming that our contractual obligations for Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform met the requirements to make the transfer of personal data from the EU to third countries that do not offer adequate protection legally legal. 1. Prices for third party services and Revolgy services. The services provided by third parties are calculated according to the current prices indicated on the website of the provider or a third party.

The customer is obliged to pay the costs at the current prices of the services of third parties, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The prices of Revolgy services are set by an explicit agreement of the contracting parties in the contract. Let`s see how Google, as a data processor, ensures that G Suite and Google Cloud meet the requirements of the GDPR. On the Google GDPR resource page cloud.google.com/security/gdpr/ “International Data Transfers” section, it is stated that Google`s data processing agreements for G Suite clearly state their data protection obligations to customers. These terms have evolved over the years based on feedback from users and supervisory authorities and have been specially updated to reflect the GDPR n`,plugin:n,original:”Establishing a long-term and close relationship with your customers and responding quickly to their needs is the key to running a successful business.nnL can only be done: if relationships within the company are well maintained.nnYour employee must work effectively together and provide high-quality results in a timely manner. Your company needs to build an innovative mindset and an engaging work environment to help talented people.nnWith the benefits of modern technology, it`s never been easier to run an efficient business and build quality relationships within your team and with your customers. nn## # The cloud environment offers simple and intuitive tools, which help solve most of the problems faced by modern businesses.nn*** One of these tools is Google`s G Suite -** a modern desktop solution for email, calendar and document sharing, chat, video conferencing, internal social media and much more…


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