Hotel Pet Policy Agreement

Hotel Pet Policy Agreement

The guest must strictly adhere to the pet policy agreement and other rules and regulations that may be adopted by the hotel management. The hotel management reserves the right to require room changes, remove pets from the property, refuse or interrupt service without refund if the pet is considered dangerous, unhealthy or likely frightening, harmful, inconvenient to hotel guests, if it has damaged the hotel property or does not comply with these policies. All animals must be clean, cared for and completely free of fleas and ticks. Pets must wear diapers at all times, especially in the public areas of the hotel. Ask at the hotel the following information: All equipment necessary for the maintenance and feeding of pets must be provided by the customer. Under no circumstances can the devices inside the grounds be used for pets, including the use of the hotel bathtub, available towels and sheets for your pets. Colored sheets are charged twice as much as the normal price of laundry, while permanent colored sheets are charged with the corresponding replacement fee. Pets can stay in the garden or on the lawn, if available, provided that their waste is cleaned and discarded by their owners in secure disposable bags. The customer must maintain and keep the object in good condition and hygienic at all times. Upon check-in, you will pay a deposit of five thousand pesos (PhP 5,000.00) per room.

The deposit covers all damages that may include, among others, stained sheets, stained carpets, pickled sheets, scratches on furniture, scratches on the floor, scratches, additional cleaning that may be necessary and/or loss of profit, while the device is out of service due to cleaning and repairs. Rooms are inspected upon check-out. After confirmation and confirmation that no damage has been found in the room and no additional cleaning charge has been required, the deposit must be paid. The client assumes full responsibility for all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees, bodily injury or property damage caused by or that may be attributed to his pet. The customer undertakes to make, on request, a possible refund of such damages. Pets must not have been sick in the previous seventy-two (72) hours. Upon registration, medical clearance may be required by a certified veterinarian. The guest must pay the disinfection cleaning fee depending on the room category upon arrival. Tax is non-refundable. Breeders can only use the entrances and exits of the main lobby, as indicated by the hotel management. Pets are only allowed in the rooms where they are checked in. The customer agrees to release and defend the management of the hotel, its owners and staff from any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees arising out of or related to claims for bodily injury or property damage caused or attributed by their pet.

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