Integrated Facilities Management Services Agreement

Integrated Facilities Management Services Agreement

Today, there is a paradigm shift, as industries are moving from an FM outsourcing model for the most part to an integrated service model that meets all the essential requirements of large-scale customers. With new technologies changing the way organizations operate, integrated facility management is the key to smart buildings and work environments. Find out here how coor has specialized in efficient and easy-to-use IFM services for a smooth and optimized business. Facilities management services help maintain an organization`s facilities, buildings and equipment in a way that provides the best value to the owner and its users. → Responsive Relationship: To guarantee flexibility and modularity to our customers, we develop our services according to their needs. The benefits of a simplified IFM structure don`t stop there either. Instead of jumping between multiple tasks and teams or putting out multiple fires at the same time, this bird`s perspective ultimately allows you to steer tasks toward the company`s big goals. If you`re able to move away from the ongoing day-to-day management of workflows, you`ll have the time and freedom to take a more strategic approach to facility management. With a broader view of the company`s goals, on the one hand, and more detailed control of core processes, on the other, it facilitates the adoption of a more effective role within the organization. Ultimately, less micromane management means more time to look at the big picture. → A well-established network of service partners: for some specific soft services, we rely on carefully selected partner service providers. This optimal combination ensures the best delivery and support for all services, anywhere. These are just a few examples – in principle, integrated FM can include all the services you need to keep your facilities in good working order in the long run.

All of this undoubtedly sounds tempting, so what does a step towards MFI look like? The following four steps write how you can take a more integrated approach to your facility management. Cooperation with certain service providers involves subcontracting the management of tasks to independent bodies. This means having a different provider for each service you need, one for cleaning, one for reception, another for vending machines, etc. Services used by specialized service providers offer several advantages. → approach to self-monitoring and continuous improvement: the search for innovation and continuous improvement is essential to Veolia`s approach in order to guarantee optimal contract execution over time. . . .


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