Jadwal Film Wedding Agreement Di Bandung

Jadwal Film Wedding Agreement Di Bandung

The scene of the film ends with the wedding scene of Aldi and Sarah. Korean film nuanced Islami allows husbands who do not like Indo movies to participate in enjoying this movie daebakk👌👌👌 Liputan6.com, Jakarta The name of Refal Hady is known to those of you who like to watch Indonesian movies. Refal Hady began his career since his first role in the drama series Queen in 2016. Now Refal has played different ftv on one of the TV channels. Mia had offered her novel story to several film production houses, but was rejected until Starvision Plus filmed the content of this novel in 2019. [3] This drama and the love film will be broadcast tomorrow Thursday, August 8, 2019. Wedding Agreement is a 2019 Starvision Plus Indonesian drama, directed by Archie Hekagery, based on the eponymous novel by Eria Chuzaimiah aka Mia Chuz, which was first popular on Wattpad. In the movie Marriage, there are many things that the man born on October 24, 1993 received, namely learning without going out or better known as Taaruf. Wondering what the charm of Refal Hady is? Here is a beautiful portrait of Bian`s role in the Wedding Agreement film summarized Liputan6.com from various sources, Tuesday (27.08.2019).

With a pretty face and skilled acting skills, Refal Hady has become one of the male actors preferred by women. It is also assumed that Refal is the lead role as Bian, Tari`s husband in the movie Wedding Agreement according to the popular novel. The story of the film is based on the novel of the same name by mia chuz and was released on July 27, 2019. Previously, the story of this novel mia was written on the wattpad website. In the evening, Tari will watch with Ami, but Bian forbids and asks Tari to accompany him to watch romantic movies at home (with pieces of Romeo + Rinjani). When there is a kissing scene in the movie that is seen, Tari closes his eyes and immediately goes into the room, but is restrained by Bian, and Bian is back to Bian`s room, where they finally make love. After that, they kept watching. If a separate scene is shown in the film, Tari says that if they ever separate, Tari will pray that Allah will reunite them. Bian receives a call from Sarah saying he has another accident and is being treated.

At first, Bian doesn`t want to go get him, but Tari allows it. The title track that accompanies the film is “Answer Love”, sung by the band dUA. [5] Sukakk same movie doesn`t make it boring. if you are asked not to see or film. I would say YES!! Not only did the handsome actor, named Reza Fahlevi Al Hady, star in many popular Indonesian films like Galih and Ratna, Critical Eleven, Dilan 1990, Anthology Rasa to Friends But Married…


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