Kindergarten Collective Agreement Pay Scale 2020

Kindergarten Collective Agreement Pay Scale 2020

One of the arguments was that cleaners were paid more than childminders! Secondly, the nursery school sector was recognized as part of the public education system. Educators aspire to equal pay with kindergartens. Photo/123RF The chief executive of Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand, Kathy Wolfe, however, said teachers who are higher in the salary scale and covered by the collective agreement with NZEI members could be paid 10 to 30 per cent less than those in nursery schools and schools. “Right now, if there are a number of graduates in the system who think they`re going to get a job in a kindergarten, I have news for them. Despite the absence of a difference between a kindergarten belonging to an association of free kindergartens and a kindergarten belonging to a communal group and endowed with a status of public utility, the government currently only supports teachers of “free” kindergartens to have a pay parity with school teachers. The rate to be paid takes into account the relevant qualifications and all previously recognised benefits, provided that the maximum daily rate 1/210 of level 8 of the basic remuneration of teachers (upper level of the P1 scale) does not exceed. When a load shedding is used in a certain position as a short-term customs clearance, while the employment lasts more than six weeks, the customs clearance becomes a long-term means of discharge from the date on which the employment exceeds that threshold and obtains the conditions applicable to long-term relief. . . .


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