Learning Agreement Ethz

Learning Agreement Ethz

“With the growing economic and social influence of AI, investment, especially in the US and China, will also increase. CLS will influence Europe`s future development in this area and prove that it is possible to compete internationally. CLS has been a source of inspiration for the ELLIS network that is being set up, which connects outstanding AI research across Europe, and in the next phase of CLS, we want to build together a beacon for machine learning and modern artificial intelligence in Europe,” says Bernhard Schölkopf, co-director and co-founder of CLS, who led the exchange activities and development. The world`s leading scientist in mechanical and causal learning is Director of the MPI-IS and Professor of Empirical Education at the ETH. The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) and the Swiss Federal School of Technology (ETH) Zurich – both among the world leaders in the vast field of intelligent systems research – have strengthened their cooperation with the renewal agreement of their research joint venture, the Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems, known as CLS, for a further period of five years. Max Planck and ETH Zurich will together contribute an additional five million euros to the Centre by 2025, doubling the existing aid to a total of €10 million. In the meantime, chief scientists of the MPI-IS have been appointed professors affiliated with the ETH, which promotes academic exchanges. Metin Sitti, Director of the MPI-IS in Stuttgart, has been appointed professor of physical intelligence affiliated with the ETH as of 1 June. Sitti is also Deputy Co-Director of CLS. CLS was established in 2015 as part of a joint effort to work together on interdisciplinary research questions for the design and analysis of natural and man-made learning systems. The excellent engineering skills of the employees of the faculty and research of the ETH in Switzerland – one of the most prestigious science and technology universities in the world – ideally complement the science and computer science skills of the MPI-IS in Germany. The cooperation extends to all levels, from leading experts at the senior scientist level to young scientists who have their doctorate. Both sides attach great importance to this cooperation and believe that a significant academic exchange in Europe is essential to actively contribute to shaping the developments of modern AI and produce a greater impact than if each research organisation introduced its own path.

Currently, 51 members and associate members participate in the CLS: 35 professors from ETH Zurich and 16 group directors and directors as well as group leaders and group directors from MPI-IS. The doctoral training program is at the center of CLS. Full CLS PhD students have an advisor in each partner institute, spend time at both sites and eventually obtain a PhD at ETH Zurich. Currently, 24 young researchers are following this path and 6 more are being added shortly after the 2020 selection. Another way for young scientists to participate is as Associate Fellows: currently, CLS has 17 Doctoral Associate Fellows, plus 15 at the post-doctoral level. Nearly 40 scientists have already completed their doctoral training as part of CLS and form a growing alumni network. . . .


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