Tarleton Consortium Agreement

Tarleton Consortium Agreement

Step 3 – Pass your Community College job to your Tarleton State University Academic Advisor to make sure courses are charged to your degree. After consultation, the advisor signs the form. Nurse Preceptor and Children Exemption: Need an application and a signed contract to cover up to 500 $US of courses. Your financial support is granted by the institution from which you graduate. The school where you will graduate is the “homeland” institution that must enter into a consortium agreement with the other school, also called a “gast” institution. Tarleton State University has entered into agreements regarding the financial aid consortium with the following institutions: The purpose of a consortium agreement is to ensure the payment of the reasonable amount of financial aid. Consortium contracts are only processed if they are necessary to obtain your financial assistance. Consider allowing 2-3 weeks until the consortiums application is processed by the MSU Financial Aid Office after receiving the completed certification from the host institution. Based on the above-mentioned procedures, it is important to allow sufficient time for all these steps.</p> <p>Ideally, the form arrives to us well before the first day of payment for the duration. Absolutely plan accordingly! Call the host school in advance to ask what their procedures are for dealing with consortium agreements in which they are the host school. Note that your help may be delayed as a unionized student. The deadline for submitting closed consortia to the student secretariat is no later than the day of the census of the semester. Notification of participation in the financial aid consortium is sent by e-mail to a student go.tarleton.edu e-mail address.


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