Thames Water Build Over Agreement Contact Number

Thames Water Build Over Agreement Contact Number

For more information about related and unasyed pipes, see below. New independent real estate cannot be built on top of a public sewer and instead requires a diversion of the sewers. If you are not able to answer with certainty any of the questions in our online questionnaire or the questions above or if you know that you are not qualifying, you need an approved build-over agreement. The agreement not only ensures that in the future Thames Water will be able to have sufficient access to sewers or sewers, but also ensures that the proposed foundations are designed in such a way as to reduce the risk to the canal or flow. Thames Water may also require that the proposed foundation be built at a safe distance from sewers or sewers, avoiding the risk of damage. TIP: This is also a great opportunity to check the condition of your sewer lines and could save you ££ in case of project delay..


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