Uspto Subscriber Agreement

Uspto Subscriber Agreement

You may terminate or deactivate your USPTO account and associated access to the USPTO Services by sending a termination request to the USPTO. In addition, USPTO may remove, disable, restrict, or block your USPTO account and associated access to certain USPTO Services without notice. The reason for this action by the USPTO is, among other things, (a) in violation or violation of the Terms of Use or other integrated agreements or guidelines, b) requests from law enforcement or other governmental authorities, c) the termination or substantial modification of the USPTO Services (or any part thereof), d) unexpected technical or security problems or problems, (e) prolonged periods of inactivity; (f) Your participation in fraudulent or illegal activities, (g) non-payment of fees you owe in connection with the USPTO Services, and/or (h) sharing accounts and/or account passwords if they are intended for use by the customer who registers for the account. In addition, you agree that all terminations, access restrictions, and suspensions are made at USPTO`s sole discretion for any cause and that the USPTO does not hold you responsible for the termination or deactivation of your account or access to the USPTO Services that results therefrom. Practitioners are reminded that they must also inform the Winding and Discipline Office (OED) of changes to their contact information within 30 days of the date of the change. See 37 C.F.R. § 11.11 (a). For more information, see: Recommendation (24AUG2009): When an Electronic Information Disclosure Statement (eIDS) form (PTO/SB/08a — is filed on the EFS web, citation information for U.S. patents and patent filings is automatically uploaded to USPTO systems. Note that efS web-based automatic processing is currently limited to one eIDS form via EFS web transmission. In order to improve processing and ensure that auditors receive all references, all citations should, as far as possible, be included in an eIDS form.

An individual eIDS form may contain a list of (1) a total of 50 U.S. patents and U.S. patent applications, (2) 50 foreign patent documents, and (3) 50 NPLs. If more than one eIDS form is required, each additional eIDS should be submitted as a separate tracking transfer to the EFS website to allow automatic processing of the form. A future version of the EFS web will provide automatic processing of multiple eIDS forms submitted in a single filing. The USPTO provides limited external links to our visitors as a service. If you select a link to an external website, you leave the site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the external website. USPTO uses certain third-party websites to provide access to official information that is otherwise directly available by USPTO, and continuously checks these and other external links to assess their continued value to the public. Please note, however, that the USPTO: Under federal law, most government-produced materials that appear on this site are not subject to copyright restrictions in the United States and are therefore in the public domain. Public service information can be freely disseminated and copied, but it is requested that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) be recognized as a result of any subsequent use (e.g. B”Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office,”). The USPTO reserves the right to enforce copyright protection internationally..

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